As Henri Mattise, the famous artist said “Creativity takes courage”. And exhibiting it to a crowd to know their feedbacks and opinion takes even more courage. Art Gallery in VCU India is a place for those courageous souls who has the will and thetalent to be a great artist but lacks the opportunities for the same.

This time, we present to you Mr ChandraMohanChathambally,a Kozhikode born self-taught artist whose paintings are the offspring’s of convention-free and’-ism-free’ memories and emotions. He magically blends water colour, oil and acrylic and uses them as vehicles to express his feelings, mostly his admiration for nature. Lack of any formal training has helped this artist to reflect his feelings in tis truest sense independent of any convention. Thus he exercises the liberty to switch on from realism to abstract paintings and vice versa, to explore new realm of human minds.

About Society

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