VCU India is a government recognized NGO which believes in helping the needy to achieve their dreams by enlightening their vision and guiding them through their journey to success. Unlike other organizations we believe in being with the help seekers from start to end of their journey. We identify the bread winning talents in them and help them in igniting their dreams to reality...

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VCU India


Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round food drive gets so much attention. Devote an afternoon to stocking our pantry and see first-hand the families we help daily.


Locally, nationally and internationally, VCUINDIA CHARITABLE SOCIETY is a vocal advocate for the hungry and displaced. We focus on supporting & uplifting the unattended and distressed part of the population.


Our Outreach team in While a huge number compete to reach great institutions, the less fortunate compete for a square meal. Building a future still remains limited to a few. As a society we bridge the gap with our 3 step community project


'Team behind VCUIndia also takes pride in enlightening people realize their freedom to think, analyze & enhance probability of achieving a sound livelihood by additional revenue generation programs or by achieving their dream career.'



The life members of the society involves a blend of professionals dedicated to support the less fortunate.


Inorder to keep the mission strong and beneficial, we have an extensive team of fund raisers working hard


This ever growing group of enthusiasts makes sure the poor and needy are attended & supported.


We represent the voice of the community and are open to accommodate many more who takes pride in helping another.

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takes pride in identifying the natural bread winning talents in every common man

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Art Gallery

As Henri Mattise, the famous artist said Creativity takes courageĀ. And exhibiting it to a crowd to know their feedbacks and opinion takes even more courage. Art Gallery in VCU India is a place for those courageous souls who has the will and the talent to be a great artist. View More

Ladies Hand Bags

Our collection of ladies hand bags comes in great styles and designs. They have great resistibility and durability and are also available at affordable rates.Our collection comprises of ladies fashion handbags, ladies Cloth bags, ladies sling bags etc. View More

Paintings & Handicrafts

This stall offers many varieties of products that represent Kerala and its culture. We have Kolams, Thidambs, Nettippattams, Ravi varma Pics, Kathakali etc.There are also many other handicraft products that can be used as a showpiece at homes. View More .

Jewelery Items

Jewelries are favorite to both men and women .The charm of the jewelry completes the human body. In our stall we have jewelries made from semiprecious stones, American Diamond, Egyptian beads, pearl, coral etc. There are chains, Mangalsutras, Bangles, Jhumkas, Earrings, and Rings etc. View More

Terracotta Products

Clay and Terracotta is amongst the oldest and most widespread form of handicrafts. It is highly in demand because of the beauty and charm it adds to the contemporary houses of the modern era. We have Chiradhs, Sun faces, Ganesh, Lampshades, Bells, Jewelry's etc. View More


- "Education equips a mind. A project demonstrates my potential." - MATHEW JOSEPH,

Training & Development - "I was presented with all of the opportunities I needed to succeed." - ANKITA M.J., Fashion Designer.

- "The sense of accomplishment I felt after completing my project was better than the offer!" - TANVIR SINGH, Web Designer

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